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I wanted to do a fashion-focused post today since I haven't done one in a while and wanted to share what I've been wearing the last couple of weeks! Most of these outfits are spring-forward, too, which gets me in the best mood ever. It is crazy how much New York literally comes alive when it's warm out. The café chairs come out, bikes can be found everywhere, and everything feels so much fresher (and kinder, if that's possible).

This first outfit I want to wear literally for the rest of my life. Even though it's 'chic', it is so comfortable and I don't have to hesitate in crossing my legs in case there are any wondering eyes because they are...FANCY PANTS. I always feel good when wearing a skirt/dress but now I can say the same thing about this pair of pants because of the cute bow and ruffle detail, as well as the ultra chic pin stripe pattern. They are actually a pink color...which, I know, I never do pink, hence why the picture is in black and white. But, it they are so flirty and definitely very spring.

I also was playing around before I wore this outfit out and put on a vintage t-shirt because I just felt like...why not? And I fell in love with the combo. I don't normally mix styles, just because I like having an outfit that has an overall theme (I know, weird) but I threw that on and it just felt so...effortless. And it weirdly went together. Some of you might be like okay, the outfit wasn't that unusual, but for me it was since I never pair things that don't necessarily 'go'. I want to start playing around with matching things that are perhaps unexpected, just because it makes an outfit different. Oh and also I am in love with those white mules. New York City please don't get them dirty. 

Outfit details: Vintage t-shirt, Allen Schwartz pants, By Far Shoes mules, Posse bag, white t-shirt by Re/Done

It's no lie I love a good t-shirt and jeans combo, which is why I had to feature this outfit since it is what I wear most weeks, going to class or just doing some errands. Re/Done jeans are my ultimate favorite and I love this French Sezane shirt. And, of course, the Cinco Store necklace I wear everyday. This outfit is effortless, comfortable, and is now chic thanks to French icons doing it right.

These are just random snaps but I have also fell in love with Nanushka the past week. Again, they have pieces I can just throw on and still feel nice. And, once again, jewels by Cinco Store. 

This All Saints jacket has really been my life recently. Even though most April/May days have been insanely warm, this jacket is perfect for those rainy and chilly moments. I can wear it with jeans and a t-shirt because the jacket details just speak for themselves.   
This dress is by French brand Harpe Paris and I love it. It has the simplicity of dresses by Realisation, but this one is so comfortable and has the prettiest floral print. This dress has literally been perfect for wearing to dinners or just a day walking around with sunglasses and a little jacket (cue the All Saints number). And what I love most about this dress is that it is made in France by a mother-daughter duo. How lovely is that. 

This outfit is a bit older (I think taken before this week) but I wanted to feature it because it really is my style to a T. Simple, white, and comfortable (how many times have I used that word in this blogpost). The pants are my favorite part of this outfit, which are by Zadig & Voltaire. The top is by Style Addict, straw bag again from Posse, and silk nude shoes by Zara. Oh and the trench coat up there is by Madewell, which is an essential I would definitely recommend for any spring closet. Even though I might not be able to wear it for too much longer, it came in handy on those days when I felt like not trying with my outfit but wanted to still look stylish. 
Let me know if you need links to any of the pieces featured! And let me know if you liked this, I actually had fun reflecting on what I've been wearing recently, it gives me a sense of direction and inspiration :-) Talk to you guys soon!Xoxo,Christie


  1. Such cute spring-y looks!



  2. Absolutely lovely! I adore your style!
    It would be very helpful, if you would post the links under each picture! :-*
    Thank you so much!
    Loved you where sharing these outfits!

  3. Amazing looks <3 What app do you use to edit the Polaroid frame in the selfie?

  4. Stunning! Could you insert a link to the Style Addict top? I can't seem to find it, or if you know the style name that I could search? Thanks so much, I love that top!

    1. Here you go lovely! https://www.styleaddict.com.au/collections/whats-new/products/shoona-top-white