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new in: beauty tray

Now, you guys might be looking at this blogpost's title and saying to yourselves...huh? What the heck is a beauty tray? Honestly it is a very unofficial term I made up just for the sake of this post. But, basically, I did get a new 'tray' for my desk to stock my favorite beauty products and fragrances! And, naturally, I wanted to share it with you as part of my 'interior sharing' posts that have been going on lately. First with the marble table, and now this tray...

It is not a question that my obsession with beauty products, skincare, and fragrances has reached its ultimate peak. I just find something so rewarding about treating yourself to a product or fragrance after you've worked your butt off. It's just a beautiful, fĂ©minin sort of feeling. I love the look that the mirrored bottom gives, especially when there is a candle lit. I think it is just such a simple way to store items that you want to display at the same time. And, adding little plants or the vintage bottles with baby's breath gives it a romantic feel. 

This gold tray is from World Market, and, considering how large it actually is, was so reasonably priced. I can't wait to put more trinkets on it and I will transport it with me no matter where my next 'beauty desk' is. Oh and yes that is another term. My desk isn't actually a working is basically a table that I turned into a little vanity table area. Sometimes I do work on it, but most of the time it's for doing makeup and layering on too many perfume scents...Anyway, I really hope you liked this! I think next up on the interiors wish list is wall prints. That might take a little bit just because it is such a commitment, but I can't wait to show you guys the ones I picked out. It's going to be great :") I hope you had a great week and let me know what your digging interior-wise right now!Xoxo,Christie 


  1. Super super cute post, as always! I have a question about your room!
    Do you have two tables? Because I remember you doing a table top blogpost which had another table pressed against the wall, but then there's this one that's up against the Windows!
    Sorry if it's such a weird question, I just wanted to know :) I'm getting so much inspo from the set up on your desks! Xx

    1. Thank you so much!
      Oh yes yes so that was when I actually moved the same desk against the wall just to see how it'd look, because I do want to end up doing that eventually, but I just have to move around a couple of other things first. Sorry, I totally understand your confusion! Thank you :")

  2. What a lovely idea to have a little "beauty tray", yours is gorgeous! Love your taste for interior. Love from Germany! x

  3. Beautiful, you surely have some interior sense and this beauty tray looks perfect for the room. Thank you for sharing it with us