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falling in love in a greenhouse

Hi! I'm already losing track of the days…Happy Friday? This whole day was already so relaxing and fun and a perfect way to start off break. I woke up, made a nice breakfast, and then took a refreshing shower and got ready for the day (as expected). I went out with my friend again and we went to a couple of stores and then stopped by a really beautiful garden/greenhouse which you might have recognized from a post super long ago (in autumn sometime). I'm so excited for everything to really start getting green!

Inspired by all the green and flowers, I went to another store to buy some flowers. It was a very cloudy/rainy day today so I photographed some and just relaxed. 

Got this cutie terrarium at Anthropologie today!

I parted my hair to the side today just to try something different and I really like it! I might start wearing it like that more often. Let me know what you think!! My oversized flannel was thrifted, worn with Hunter boots, high socks, Scaramanga bag, and Urban bralette.

I went out to dinner with my parents and now I'm just chilling, my friend is sleeping over though so we can have a Frank bath tomorrow and go to a cafe :') Very exciting. I don't know what else I'm doing tomorrow, but hopefully I'll be receiving something so I can show you guys!!!! 

I hope you had a really nice day and an even better start to your weekend, woo!


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  1. Greens, greenery, or greenhouse is always refreshes your mood so does your post. Glad to know that you had a great time. Your green hunter boots are love.