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my vintage obsession

Today I took the day off from school for really no purpose at all but to spend some quality time finding myself again and destressing since I've been unbelievably busy and pretty moody. It was so, so worth it. I'm feeling good and can't wait to embrace this weekend with open arms.

As you guys might have realized, I am obsessed with vintage things. Vintage clothes, vintage records, vintage cameras…I love it all. So you could understand my excitement when my mom and I stumbled across a consignment shop for everything vintage; everything I just listed was at that place (sometimes even a variety). I would share the name but it's not a chain or anything like that, I wish it was. We went into the basement (so sketchy, I know) and in the gloom of it all the sudden a spotlight shone (I swear) on a beautiful, one-of-a-kind vintage typewriter. I've wanted one for so long, and I got so happy that there was literally the one I've been picturing in my head for a straight year in this weird vintage shop. I found an old camera as well with a brown case. Basically, today, I fell in love. So here are too many photos of this typewriter and me trying to take too many pictures.

My best friend and I also went for coffee, which was so amazing. Overall, it was the perfect day. Though I'm kind of bummed I don't have plans for the night, I think it's also good to stay home on Friday nights and have some time to yourself and go to bed super early. Perhaps I need it. Plus it gave me the time to edit this post and really make it cool :') I know the effects are a bit crazy but, since this is an especially vintage post, I felt as if they were necessary. 

Tomorrow I don't really know what's happening! I have no plans, which is good sometimes too. Thank you guys for being so supportive and lovely to me. I know I must sound like a broken record but I never want y'all to forget how much I appreciate you. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be pursuing all of these passions of mine, and I truly wouldn't know myself like I do today. Okay, enough with the sap, I'm sorry. I hope you all had an extremely nice Friday and good close to your week. Have some tea, read a book, and enjoy life. ♡ Xoxo, Kiki


  1. omg amazing photos!! I´m so into vintage, retro vibed things!! Can I just come and visit your lovely room!!?=)

  2. I love the vibes in your photos and your really inspirational

  3. i'm looking for a vintage typewriter like this for so long now! I'm little jealous now :) and love the pictures

  4. OMG BABY!! :')

    Haha I was just reminiscing from when you first started blogging (and I had stumbled across your posts on Tumblr). You have come so far and continually inspire me with every new post since you first started your blog! Sorry for seeming like a stalker, today just felt like a good day to reflect, and for some reason that included looking at some of your very first blog posts LOL! Thank you for being such an inspiration and motivation for me.

    Riley :')