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naughty or nice?

Happy Holidays my loves! As everything winds down and we can finally get some time to relax and wear literally every new thing that we got for Christmas, I thought of it as a little different idea to do a 'haul' on here of the main things I got for Christmas from my parents, friends, and other family. There are also some things mixed in that I bought myself because...well...it's been a rough year and sometimes we need to treat ourselves ok? 
As I went and organized through, I realized that there are two categories that everything fell into. Nice: the candles, lotions, bralettes, panties, makeup, notebooks, jewelry, and sweet stuff...and then there's the naughty: the fashion staples, the leather pants, jackets, shoes, boots...the heavy duty items that we're going to wear until they break apart next year. SO, let's start off with the nice since Cody (my pup) really seemed to like the floral, girly stuff. Oh, Cody.

Items: Pink bottles: Mario Badescu rose water spray & drying spot treatment. Brown bottle: Ahava cream. Perfumes: Diptyque Rose Perfume & Anthropologie Vanille Perfume. Circle: Rose chapstick. Deer Jewelry plate: Unknown sorry my sweets. Purple/pink bra + panties: Free People. Pink Notebook: Anthropologie. Black lace nightgown: Victoria's Secret. Nars: Orgasm bronzer + blush. Candle: Urban Outfitters #17 candle.

And now for the good stuff...the 'naughty' if you will

Items: Leather Pants: Zara. Orange Scarf: Free People. Brown Ring Bag: Free People. Silver B-Belt: Free People. Shiny boots: Zara. Leather Jacket: Urban Outfitters. Grey T-shirt: Free People. White Sweater: Abercrombie.

Yay! And with that, please tell me what you prefer more as a Christmas present.....those that are naughty or nice? I would love to hear what you guys think. Me, honestly, I can't really pick. Even though I'm so excited about that belt it might push me more towards naughty. Also, I'm in love with that Diptyque Rose perfume. Adam got that for me and I could not be happier :")

I hope you guys had amazing holiday's and tell me what your favorite gift is/what side you're picking. Love y'all so much!


Ps. I'm going to be changing the theme colors of this blog to more wintery/fall neutrals, so stay tuned for that! I'm so excited!!! No more pink!!!!!!!

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  1. Looks like you got some adorable stuff! Hope you had a merry Christmas!