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my stay at hotel napoleon

Hi guys! So, as you probably know by now due to my too many posts, I went to Paris last week for Paris Fashion Week. It still doesn't feel real and honestly, if I hadn't pinched myself 100 times, I would still think it was an ethereal dream. Anyway, I really wanted to share with you guys where I stayed because it was so beautiful and I did not want the pictures to go to waste! I will also definitely have 2 more blog posts up this week more about my trip and showing you literally all the pictures I took (it might be a mama post). But, for now, here is the wonderful Hotel Napoleon in Paris. 

I seriously fell in love with all of the subtle, romantic details of the room. The beautiful marble, gold faucets, the cozy bed, the French books, the stunning view. Also, they use L'Occitane products in their bathrooms! Get any more perfect than that. This hotel just was so effortlessly Parisian to me. It truly made our stay so enjoyable and it was a lovely relaxing place to go home to after bustling Paris exploring. Also, their breakfast was to die for. And the hotel is located right by the Arc de Triomphe, which we had a view of from our balcony. Just simply beautiful. If you're interested you can go to their site here. Their hotel staff was honestly the nicest ever, too.
I hope you like these photos and there is definitely more to come! Even though I am so sad because I'm home and literally getting back into the grind of things with so much school work, looking back on Paris pictures is making me feel so lucky and happy. Thank you for all your sweet wishes and I will be back here with another post soon!Xoxo,Christie

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  1. what a beautiful room, love the details! I know the feeling of missing Paris...