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styling denim for summer

The perfect summer morning for me consists of throwing on my favorite white denim jeans and some oval-shaped sunglasses and then heading out into the sunshine to grab some coffee. Whether you are running errands, going to a casual dinner party but still want to look effortlessly cool, or going to a weird art gathering your friend from Brooklyn invited you to, here are some ways to style denim for the summer. 

1. white denim

Out & About Running Errands. White denim. Gucci loafers.
Silk details. Sassy sunglasses. Straw bag. 

2. denim statement piece

Casual Dinner Party. Denim button down dress. Nude shoes.
Gold hoop earrings. Classic rounded sunglasses. Cute hat. 

3. the perfect jean

High waisted cut offs. Brown, chunky sandals & bag.
Delicate necklaces. Thin stripes. Black, simple lingerie.

4. denim skirt

Denim skirt. Vintage t-shirt. Red pops of color. 
Sneakers. White denim jacket (oh my!)

I really hope this helped for when you're planning your summer outfits!
I also wanted to take a light little break from importance week here, just to do something fun and fashion-focused!
Denim is such a staple you really can't go wrong with wearing it everyday...now, we just need to see some sun...

All outfits made through Polyvore.


  1. YES!!! These outfits are perfect. This morning was such a lovely summer morning in NYC.

    xx Alyssa

  2. These are sooo perfect!!! Thank you for the inspiration! x