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photography & editing tips

When I asked you guys on Twitter what you'd like to see from me, tons of you said you'd love to see a photography/editing tips type of post! So that's what I'm doin'!

Honestly, a lot of the tips I put together vary and can change depending on your type of style and flow. I'm not saying you have to have a 'perfect Instagram feed' at all or need to have a certain color scheme, but these are the things I do just for me and to reflect my own personal style on social media!

  • It will take a while to get your certain color scheme or style down, so be patient with yourself!
  • Experiment and try using different cameras until you find the one you like and feels the most comfortable
  • Sometimes, using an iPhone can create beautiful pictures
  • Use cameras that cater to your style. For example, a Nikon will give you clear images, perfect for streetstyle/outfit photos, whereas a film camera can be playful and used for fuzzy, more grungy and vintage photos. See what you like or switch on and off! 
  • I use my iPhone for most of my photos, but when I want a clear image or I am taking pictures for a brand, I use my Nikon D5500

  • I find that using sunlight and bright, natural light works best with my photos
  • Start off with using natural light first, and then, once you get comfortable with that, try experimenting with sunlight and shadows
  • Sunlight can make average photos AMAZING. But make sure that the focus is good and it's not blurry or bleached out. Again, practice makes perfect for this! It will take a couple of tries to get nice photos with sunlight. 
  • A rainy day can be tricky for photography. If it's cloudy, try using flash (like the photos on Into the Gloss). If you're not comfortable with flash, try waiting for a sunny day or brighten the photos with an app. iPhones do not work the best on cloudy days, it will make the photos come out fuzzy/blurry, so I definitely recommend using an actual camera.
  • Like for cloudy days, if you want to take a photo at night, I really think using flash works best. Though they might look weird at first, after playing around with filters, it can make for a really cool and chic image. 
  • Flash photos also look great in black and white. 

  • Self timer works like a charm if you don't have people to take your photo! Just set up your camera on a tripod with a white/plain background
  • Play around with different angles. The more options, the better, that way when you go back you may find a photo with a specific angle that you thought you wouldn't like
  • Flat lays don't have to be taken in just a birds-eye-view way. I personally love flat lays that have a little dimension and taken from straight-on
  • Don't only focus on the subject but on what is around it too. A background or even a specific object that is out of focus can make a photo even more beautiful! 
  • For outfit shots, try acting natural, especially when on the street. I find the best photos turn out to be the ones when you weren't paying attention in the first place. 

  • I think the best app for maintaining a color scheme (if you're into that) is Vsco Cam
  • You can buy filters for Vsco, but honestly the ones that they already have work like magic!
  • After Light is also a great app to add fuzziness, grain, or play with the color, brightness, etc. 
  • Overlaying filters is tricky and makes the photos blurry. Try sticking with just one filter.
  • Don't get frustrated if you change filters sometimes! I have changed filters tons. It is basically a reflection of your style, and, of course, that is always changing!
  • I have also heard that Light Room is a great photo app but I have yet to try it. 
Let me know if you have any other specific photography/editing questions below! I'm definitely not an expert, but it really takes practice and patience :) much love!

Outfit Details
Zadig et Voltaire white pants
With Jean top
Black Eyewear sunglasses
Bagatiba necklace
Grey City shoes


  1. This was very insightful! Relatable on all accounts! (especially the filter changing within your feed anxiety.) As silly as that sounds, going from that autumny M5 (which makes buildings look beautiful, but can destroy the beautiful vibrancy of other photos), it's hard to decide whether you want to sacrifice the color of one photo in order to maintain the balance of your M5 grid, even though C1 really makes that smoothie pic look pretty! Of course, you can kind of finagle your way around that M5 (more saturation, less exposure, up the highlight, etc), but it's oh-so-subtle otherwise you risk making the photo "cartoony". And people I can tell fully double-filtered, it's a pet peeve of mine! If I do change filters, say, try more vintage-y Afterlight lens dust, I try to make the feed take on that vibe as a whole rather than just one photo out of the blue... that inconsistency is the stuff of my Insta nightmares lol.

    1. I totally understand! I use to play around with M5 as well but I just didn't like the wash out of the colors. Even though I'm a neutral girl, I still like some vibrancy and depth! Like you said, I think you just have to play around with it. Hahaha exactly! I love consistency but I also admire the people that have unfiltered, vibrant photos. I think it can look amazing either way.

    2. It would be amazing if you did a more detailed post walking us through how you edit on photos on your iPhone (what filters you like, shadows/highlights, grain etc). Your photos always look amazing and I'm wondering how you achieve it!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. You may not be beautiful, but the photos posted on your social network must be beautiful. Like me, I often spend hours editing my pictures so I post them on FaceBook. Through this blog, I learned many more tips. Thanks for your sharing.

  2. Great tips, love your pics! I'm really into VSCO such a good picture editing app!



  3. Love this post! Definitely some solid tips :)

    What are the filters you use to keep your theme consistent? I absolutely love the style of your photos!

  4. These are some good tips. I didn't know that flash is good for black and white photos.

  5. What are some of your favorite VSCO filters? Like Heather mentioned, M5 is great but kind of tricky sometimes. Thanks for sharing! xx

  6. I love it so much! Great tips and tricks. And love your style so much! But what I really wanted to know is how you get the film frame? Is expensive to get? Any apps for it? Love you, Christie!

  7. Hi Christie!! Which app do you use for vintage film frame?? Loving it so much!!

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