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a soho look

 If you had said to me 2 years ago that I would be getting on the subway and walking around New York City in a shirt with a naked woman's silhouette on them, I would have thought you were lying out of sheer shyness and lack of confidence. Yet here I am, doing that exact thing, and absolutely loving it. Take a look into one of my favorite looks I wore walking around Soho on a sunny Tuesday afternoon.

Outfit details: Paloma Wool Doricati Top  |  Acne Studios Trousers  |  Call Me The Breeze Boutique basket bag 

I think I'm going to wear this shirt every day for the rest of my life. Paloma Wool is the coolest brand, focused on artistic pieces and wonderful shapes. Every single one of their articles is utter perfection, proudly made in Barcelona. Go to their Instagram to get major simplistic inspiration. Also, thank you to my lovely friend (@gabijcon) for taking these photos for me! Though I predicted weird looks, I got way more compliments than weirdness. It's quite empowering wearing a shirt like that one. I will have more outfit photos up soon! Let me know if you digged this one.SHOP SIMILAR TO THIS POST...


  1. Ah! This is so so so good, I feel proud for some reason, perhaps because I've been following you for so long and I love that you are finding pieces that are just so magical. Keep up the amazing work, it's beautiful. By the way, the shadows in this are perfect.

    1. Aww that is so so so sweet. Thank you so much, you really made my day just now! x

  2. really nice photos :)


  3. I love that outfit. That top is really unique and different. I really like it.

  4. could you do a quick post or even just respond to this with a small list of things to bring to college that people often forget or things that aren't necessary but are very helpful! I'll be living on my own off campus so I'm going to need to be prepared in all regards and am totally stumped with my packing list!

    1. Sure :)
      --Cozy blanket
      --Big pillow
      --Good coffee maker
      --A nice journal
      --Thumb tack
      --Cups and tons of storage to hold silverware and any other utensils
      --Laundry bags
      --Eye mask / ear plugs
      Ahh I wish I could think of more. I feel like these are my definite essentials, but let me know if you need more x

  5. love it!!! it's genius and i love seeing how your style evolves xx

  6. That skirt is so amazingly cool, it's exactly the kind of thing of piece I always hope to find thrifting x


  7. Hello lovely! I adore this outfit, the photos & the whole mood to the look. I am thinking of purchasing the Doricati top, and I was just wondering what size you got. As I have a similar frame & figure to you - thank you in advance! Xx

  8. Oh I just saw the comment above! This helps me a lot! x