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my trip to jamaica

Last week, Adam and I both ended up having a week off from school/work, and we therefore decided why not take a totally random trip. We were craving beach, warmth, and tons of sun, which ultimately led us to Jamaica...
 Literally the day before we left, it was freezing in New York. We headed to the airport early in the morning, freezing in our light layers because we didn't want to pack jackets with us. My suitcase was literally filled with bathing suits and barely anything else. All I could think about was the sand, the ocean, and the bungalow that I'd hopefully be chilling in soon. 
We had an extremely warm welcome at Secrets St. James Resort, which we found two days before we booked this trip (naturally). It honestly was probably the best decision we've made this year. It was an absolutely beautiful hotel and we felt right at home.

Now, a lot of you asked me about my skincare routine on vacation. Because this was a laid back trip and I took a carry on, I was totally relaxed about my routine. I tried to steer clear from wearing makeup on our beach days, but the random zits I've had popping up were not helping that cause. I used makeup wipes every night to take off sunscreen and any extra gunk, then cleansed with the Fresh Soy Cleanser. Not my favorite, but it was a travel size so it had to do. It did make my skin extremely soft, though. I would take off anything else with baby oil, then moisturize with the Verso Night Cream, soften my lips with the Verso lip serum, and then use the Aesop Zit Cream on all my problem spots. Truly, that was it. I am usually way more discipline with my skincare routine, but again, everything was very relaxed on this trip.
With that said, outfits were extremely casual too. I think I brought two dresses with me, one from Paloma Wool and one from Need Supply, and then my naked lady blouse (also from Paloma Wool), some sandals, and a pair of shorts. The rest of my days I wore Matteau Swim. Gold jewels, cat eye sunnies, and basket bags were also largely in use. 

The environment was breathtaking. Seriously, Jamaica is exactly what I pictured it and even more. Coconuts on the beach, welcoming, smiling people, beautiful beaches and water. Adam and I had a very romantic time, including a secluded dinner overlooking the water. We both fangirled the entire night at the view.

I am so grateful that we could have this little time away and I am back just in time for finals. Oh, when reality hits hard. Feel free to ask me any other questions about our trip below! I love talking about it because it just brings me back. Even looking at these pictures makes me so happy. Love you all so much! Back to the winter grind now, I promise...  


  1. Looks like a lovely time!



  2. It looks awesome there. I love all the photos you got.

  3. it looks so good and now i just want to go there too haha! I hope your finals went well xx

  4. it looks so good and now i just want to go there too haha! I hope your finals went well xx

  5. I would love to go to Jamaica for a spontaneous trip! But in my area you are driving 6 hours to the next airport, so a trip has to be planned... Nevertheless, here I read that 2018 is a good holiday-year for me. I'm graduating in June, so I have some time after that to make a big trip. Maybe Jamaica? We will see :)