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Guys! What's up!!!!!! Okay I'm sorry for being gone from here, but now I'm back. It's been an unbelievably crazy (but good) weekend. I've been all over God's creation taking photos and just being in really inspiring locations, which makes me feel like I'm having a truly eventful, fun summer, which is what I wanted. I seriously hope you're all living it up too and having fun!

We illegally snuck onto rooftops in NYC. It was thrilling and scary yet one of the most memorable, amazing trips I've ever been on.

Scariest. Shit. Ever. But yanno, do it for the 'gram. Tomorrow I have some errands to run and then I'm going to shoot some more Free People, yay!!!! I'm sorry I've sort of been weird on my Tumblr/Instagram, I'm sort of trying to change it up and get a new style sort of thing going on. Not actually, but it's just that Instagram is such a big part of everyone's life and I think we all need to take a step back and just truly create stuff that we like, not just to get likes. I've just been going with what I truly adore, not with what goes with my feed. I might start using some new filters (don't worry, it will still all 'flow' because I'm personally really anal) but there might be changes. Who knows, maybe their won't. I just wanted to get my feelings out because this whole technology thing can't ruin everyone's individuality.

Outfit details: J-Brand skinnies (ripped myself), Forever 21 boots, Victoria's Secret top, random black bralette, Coach bag



  1. I think it's great to only put stuff out there with which oneself is consent! Great post and love your outfit! xo


  2. Love your outfit and the pictures! Wow.



  3. Love this post! It's a different vintage vibe, but still a good one! I feel always so cozy looking at your photos! Love it!

  4. i think that is very true about instagram things :o
    thank you for spreading your thoughts x