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Only ever in dreams I wrap my arms around you…
"I'll set my alarm. 3:30am." I told my friend Amanda at midnight the night before. She rolled over, and though we were both groaning and our eyes were droopy from tiredness, we both knew that our hearts probably wouldn't even settle down by the time we had to wake up. It really wasn't that big of a deal to be honest, just going to the beach to watch the sunrise…I feel like it's anyone ever does when they're down the shore or on vacation. But for some reason, I had a very special feeling in my heart.

We rode the convertible down to Spring Lake with coffee, Redbull, and muffins. The road was deserted; just her and I riding down the parkway, soft morning wind in our hair and barely the light of the sky illuminating our path. When we got to our destination, our hearts were practically pounding because the sun was just rising over the water and the lighting was unbelievably beautiful, dripping gold. We dressed in our Free People gear (courtesy of Free People Paramus, of course) and started taking our photos. Without further ado, here is what we captured.

(Again, all the details are from/by Free People). If you do want specific details, comment below and I'll try to help you out.

After photographing until 7am, we decided it was time to actually take off our makeup, get naked, and go into the ocean. It was so. Fucking. Beautiful. The salt, the warmth, the feeling of the grittiness and just purity of the world underneath you. I took a deep breathe and floated there for a while; feeling the waves underneath me and hearing the shouts of old surfers and the laugh of Amanda taking yet more photos. I know I've said this maybe 50 times by now, but today, I honestly felt alive.

Read some stuff, maybe took a cat-nap (barely), soaked up the sun. Since we had such an early start we were starving since the muffins didn't hold us over, so we went to a cafe to get a quality meal!!

After breakfast, our journey came to an end. We drove home, along with the rest of plenty of other cars, and unpacked with the excitement to edit everything. Again, thanks to @amandabellavia for taking some of these photos/being apart of it all and @freepeopleparamus. Both my very precious sugar babies.

Also, I made a new Youtube video!!! It's of today's journey (what else is new) but it's one of my favorite pieces yet. I think I might do more things like this, if you guys are into it. You can watch it here.

Don't forget to check the Tumblr pictures as well if you want! Enough about today, I'm sure you guys are sick of hearing about it by now. I'm just so content and I wish that everyone, hopefully, feels the same.



  1. Absolutely love the post, pictures, video- all of it! It's so exciting to hear, super soothing and inspiring. Can't wait to have similar adventures myself :-)

    I hate to be a bother, but if it's not too much of a hassle do you think you could link/detail some of the outfits you two wore? At the very least the outfits from the first two pictures? I'm sorry if that's annoying (I'm sure you get that request a lot). It's totally not necessary if you don't feel like it.

    Truly though I love hearing about your day or your adventures, it never gets old or irritating. It's a genuine comfort and joy to hear from you, I admire you greatly. Wishing you the best of wishes and love!

  2. this took me somewhere else, thank you!

  3. This.looks.stunning!!! Love the good vibes in this post, it's beautiful to experience these precious moments of the day!