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let me in

Hi guys! Today was a really great day, for the most part! I took some photos for a new company which you will see very shortly. I also learned some news which I will discuss a bit later in this!!!! Nothing to be worried about, just does need an explanation. Anyway, I hope you all had a relaxed Tuesday. I got coffee to shoot with and then we snuck onto our favorite rooftop. So without further ado, here are the photos…

Here's the feedback I posted on my Tumblr: "As you know, I’m such a fan of leather goods, simple notebooks and tshirts, and anything that has to do with coffee. Today get to show you all of those things and more. P and Co is a company that sells amazingly beautiful leather card holders, key fobs, wallets, along with their uniquely designed coffee mugs, apparel, and even flags (which I can’t wait to decorate my dorm with). I can’t even express how in love I am with their products, all I can recommend is that you look for yourself. Seriously you guys, everything is quality and, if you like the vibes of my blog recently, I’m sure you’ll truly enjoy looking at their site too! 
Check out their site here // Instagram // Shop here"
Paired with: Abercrombie skirt (obsessed), Urban glasses and brown chelsea boots
I really hope you guys liked it! I had such a fun time photographing and literally I'm in LOVE with this brand. It'd seriously mean the world if you guys checked them out too. 
Okay and so for my mini announcement….I mentioned to you guys that I've been sick for a pretty long time and I just got my results back. Basically, I'm pretty sick. I don't want to say what I have because I feel as if that is a really private matter but let's just say I need to do some serious resting. I'll still be posting and updating as much as I can (I have to shoot this week for my work) but just keep in mind that I am seriously sick and will need to take it easy for these next couple of weeks. Thanks so much for your sweet wishes and your endless support, just stick with me through this time and I swear when I get better it will be worth it! Love you guys so much



  1. I wish you the best of luck getting better. <3 I've been loving your blog posts lately!!! :)

  2. i truly hope you get the rest you need to feel better. even if it means less frequent updates, your health I much more important. good luck xo