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take care

Hey guys! Today I had the pleasure of photographing for an old pal that has been with me since the beginning….I think you guys will know who it is. Well, you actually definitely know who it is since I already posted too many photos on my Tumblr of it all, so that was a stupid question.

nomadic store has been with me since the beginning (3 years ago) that i started my blog. and like my style has evolved over the years, so has nomadic. their once small-time chokers (even though they were never small) have now expanded into beautiful, naturally layered necklaces and uniquely stoned pieces. i have been a fan of them for ages and so when i got the chance to photograph for them today in their new pieces i was so excited to show you guys. check out their new line here, their website, & their perfect instagram!!

PIECES (in order):
1. gold layer v/bar choker 
2. trio clear/leaf necklace
3. gold collective choker
4. silver long layer leaf/bar necklace
5. gold drape leaf choker

There's one more I'll be showing you guys later in the week :-)

Sorry guys I'm sort of making this short, I'm with my sis and really want to spend some quality time with her. See you back here tomorrow :-)


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