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simplicity ☓

Hi loves! Here is the post I meant to post (???) yesterday for my Sunday vibe sort of feels. Even though it's Monday, that doesn't mean we still can't all cozy up and smile that the toughest day of the week is over and appreciate simple things in life. That is how I find my happiness, and yesterday I was truly inspired by that concept. Maybe it's because it was my favorite day of the week or I was in a good mood or I was just feelin' my outfit, but I wanted to take a moment to talk about simplicity and what it means for my life.

First, all the details: Dress: Brandy Melville. Rings: Free People. Belt: Madewell. Earrings: Urban Outfitters / Long, gold line earring Shop Seasouth. Necklace: Nomadic Store. Fuzzy Grey Pouch: Shop Seasouth. Clear Glasses: Urban Outfitters.

Check out Shop Seasouth here

I don't know why, but all these little photographs of my favorite things (new and sort of old) really defines simplicity for me. Just a simple dress, a good pair of glasses, modern earrings. I think that nowadays simplicity is actually something we all strive for, since it can easily get broken with all this technology, influences from others, magazines…I think we are all so influenced that we can loose what makes us feel simple and whole. What are your true passions? Are you posting things because you want to get likes, or because you actually feel something for the picture you took? Of course we're all guilty of it; buying something, going somewhere, just to take pictures and get tons of good feedback. But why force it? Why not photograph something that actually makes you happy when looking at it.

It takes so much time to find a nitch, to develop a style that's truly you, but when you do it will be so worth it. Really, all it takes is channeling what you like and what makes your heart feel whole. I didn't want to make this corny or cheesy at all, just a stream of thoughts I've been having recently…I'm probably not even going to proof read this. Sometimes it's so easy to be uninspired. We all get in funks. So by saying my feelings hopefully it will get me out of this 'funk'. I think this week will be a good one :-)

I hope you guys liked this post and just took some time to think maybe. That would be awesome. Share your thoughts!



  1. We live in such a chaotic world that sometimes we forget, and become oblivious to all the simplest and minimalistic things that truly make us happy. Loved this post. x

  2. True. It's getting more and more difficult to figure out what really makes you happy & content, as we are all running to be updated every minute. But true Style needs its Time to develop, to explore and defend what really is "yours", what makes you lasting happy and content. It's not always the newest fashion - but perhaps a certain piece which you wear with a certain dignity. Thanx for sharing your thoughts xxx

  3. Hi my name is Berakah (berry) was looking through fashion interests on my pinterest and came across your cool outfits which brought me to your blogs. Found your blogs intriguing and it gave me an insight as to how grateful you are in life because of the detail of unnoticeable things that make you happy. And I find it clever that you use fashion to give a simple but encouraging message across, thanks!

  4. this is so inspiring. I really love your style and posts and you honestly changed my outlook on things. hope you're having a lovely day/night, all the love x