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a brandy melville halloween

Hey babes! Today was a lovely and different sort of Sunday. Instead of drowning myself in homework and crying about school, I decided to shove it under my bed (literally) and go do a photoshoot for Brandy Melville with the lovely Diana & some other lovely old (and new) friends. And the most amazing part is it was Halloween-themed. I swear this month is the month where I am in my most natural habitat. Fall leaves, sweaters, cute little costumes, cuddling up to movies. Okay, enough with my babbling, especially about autumn. You all know this enough. Here are the pictures!

I ate too much candy and did not know how a devil posed at all but hey it was still so fun. Being out on the fire escape, decorating the Brandy apartment, and just having fun with some cuties. Thanks so much to Brandy Melville & the lovely Diana!!!!! I had such a wonderful Sunday. This week is going to be a good one too! Let me know what everyone's plans are.



  1. What camera did you use for these pictures? c:

  2. What camera did you use for these pictures? Please reply me! I love you