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alabama arkansas, i do love my ma & pa

Hi boos! So, as some of you might have seen/figured out, I went back to NJ (my home) with my boyfriend Adam this weekend for a little catch up, some fall activity, and just the sweetness that going back to the homeland can bring. We left around 4pm on Friday, boarding the train from Penn Station to my town and eating Kit-Kats while trying to shut up in between laughter on the quiet car we forced ourselves on.

And, of course, going back to the good 'ol room was amazing. I missed my bed, I missed candles, I missed the string lights and records. You don't realize how much your heart aches for these simple things until you step right back onto those scratched wooden floors and into the rough flannel sheets that take you back to a time where you didn't really know where you'd end up. Now that I'm here it's unbelievable to think that once I was in that very bed, crying over college applications, scared shitless for the future, and slowly but surely falling in love via texting with the man that I am with now. 

On Friday night we went out with my parents to a beautiful Italian restaurant (you don't understand how nice it is to have a full Italian meal sometimes) and then stayed in for the night because we were tired and I wanted to reunite with my bed as soon as possible. On Saturday we ran errands (I also went shopping at the Free People at home) and went to the a farm to do the autumn activities I haven't gotten the chance to do....let alone see a orange, red, and yellow tree (thanks NYC).

 Items bought all from Free People: Compass beanie, choker necklace, white v-neck bell sleeve blouse, patterned skinny scarf, grey wrap sweater

 Beautiful house that was on our way to our walk to the farm.

What I wore: Zara sweater, Brandy Melville army jacket, Urban Outfitters jean skirt, H&M socks and shoes :-) Scaramanga bag that Adam actually carried for most of these pics because he is a bae

Also thanks to you boo for taking these pictures for me :-) Love you so much

Adam and I got dinner with my whole family yet again (Japanese this time) and then we went to a broken down bar that my dad urged us to go to but ended up being a place where tumbleweeds roamed and dad's playing guitars came in multiples. Seriously, though we were so out of place, it ended up being one of the funniest experiences of our relationship yet. And trust me, we have a lot.

On Sunday we got breakfast then went to the farm again with my little brother to go on the hayride since he was all about throwing corn at me and playing hide-and-seek in the maze (not sketchy at all). 

This weekend was truly perfect. Adam and I took the train back Sunday around dinner and it was a real snap into reality. Not that I was dreading going back to the city, I truly love it here, but it's just that nothing will compare to home and family. Now it's back to school and work and trying to make it through until the next weekend. I am so lucky to have these memories and photos with me to remind me of this beautiful weekend with the people that I loved the most. It's said that home is where the heart is, and after visiting New Jersey again, I truly think that the person who said that had the right idea.


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