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a hillside trip

His eyes. Blurring past Autumn trees, reds, yellows, oranges blending together in a beautiful mix of wonder and road trip nostalgia. Gripping hands listening to old Beatles and new rap and laughing about how we had no idea where we were going or where we even were. My boyfriend and I took a trip to upstate New York and rented and Airbnb for the weekend. These are the photos.

Surrounded by glass and tribal rugs and soft couches with delicate flowers. Falling leaves, rustic branches, the setting sun over the hills. Artwork scattered on the fields below us. Warmth, wine, and checkers. 

It was cold and I was excited to layer up in jackets, gloves, and scarves, but it was also nice to take that all off and laze around cozy basking in the sunlight that came through the windows...

Worn: Free People turtleneck & lace bodysuit, Brandy Melville skirt, thigh high socks

The bae took all these photos. I love you.

Farmers markets. Cafes. Cappuccinos and delicious waffles. A beautiful weekend with the love of my life. 

If you guys want more information on where we stayed, you can message me! We stayed in Mountainville and visited Blooming Hill Farm + more. Highly recommend that farm for breakfast!

Much love and thanks so much. I know this wasn't my usual type of post but I love trying different things. Hope you like it too.



  1. The place looks amazing for a little escape from nyc's craziness !
    xxx From Paris

  2. It looks like an Autumn Fairytale! Your bf took some beautiful photos.

  3. Amazing photos and a well deserved break x

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