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a trip to las vegas

It's really everything you imagine. Casinos, too tall heels, sequins, fancy dinners, lights, sunny adventures. I went with my love Adam to Las Vegas, flying out on Thursday and coming back Sunday, and I can say that I literally had one of the best times of my life. Maybe it's because I was on vacation with my best friend and lover, but Vegas is always a place that you'll remember. I know that this is my usual type of posting, but I wanted to share the photos with you anyway. It was too much fun and beauty not to share.

we were so lucky enough to stay at the Venetian!!

me overly excited about the chocolate covered strawberries at our Valentines day dinner.
wearing for love & lemons.

dinner overlooking the Paris hotel. 

beautiful romper by Sabo Skirt ♡ linked here.

breakfast at Bouchon.

Places we went: Il Mulino, Bouchon, Caesars Palace, the Paris hotel, the Bellagio, I <3 Burgers (hehe), we walked the Vegas strip, hot tubbed, all that good stuff. I seriously feel so lucky for having such a beautiful weekend. Of course it's so weird being back in cold, snowy NYC (Adam is still in Vegas for business) but I'm just so lucky to be able to look back on all the memories that were this weekend.

I know this postage was a bit different, but why not get a post up and shake things up a bit, eh? Really hope you guys enjoyed and if you plan on going to Vegas, that this gave you some inspo of some places to go/see! There's so much fun and prettiness there I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time either way.



  1. Your little red dress is soooo cute!

    Have a great day. x

  2. Love the beautiful photos! Looks like you had a wonderful time x


  3. Such a cute look! I can't wait till I turn 21 and I get to hit Las Vegas!