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urban cowboy x nyc bambi x hannah lee davis

What a while it has been. This past weekend was my spring break and I've never felt so good; so much sunshine, shoots, friends, and creative juices flowing (sorry) that I couldn't wait to get these photos so I could finally do a blog spot post!! It's been way too long my loves and I'm sorry for that. On a beautiful Friday morning Hannah Davis and I got the opportunity to shoot at the amazingly cowboy bed and breakfast that is Urban Cowboy in Brooklyn. Here are the cabin-y, grainy, raw photos.

Details: Urban Cowboy Bnb Instagram | Website
Hannah Lee Davis Instagram | Website

Outfit 1: Realisation Par Top. Levi's. Brandy Melville belt.
Outfit 2: Realisation Par Jane Dress. Free People hat.
Outfit 3: Sea Gypsies lace set. Vintage tie.

I really hope you guys enjoyed. I had such a blast running around this place and it was so beautiful and had such good vibes. If you need a lovely place to stay in Brooklyn (which it's super easy to get to the city from) seriously check them out. Thanks to the guys over there for letting us crash their party & shoot :')

And of course thanks to the babe Hannah (Bambino) for taking these wonderful photos. You capture beauty like no one else.

And thank you to those who are reading this. I wouldn't have had this opportunity without you ♡



  1. Glad, that you are back, your photos are always inspiring, cheers to Hannah and her talent for capturing here!


  2. These photos are stunning! I'm going to New York for the first time this summer and you've made me even more excited :p xx


  3. This photos are simply incredible, and so inspiring !