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lion, witch, wardrobe

I've always had a weakness for witchy vibes. Dark, turquoise walls, melting candles, moss, crystals, thick dusty books, skulls, herbs hanging from the peeled walls...something majestic, dark, and looking like it holds secrets (this may also be why I like the restaurant Freeman's so much-total witchy vibes). With this said, I fell in love with Shop Dixi's 'Raised by Wolves' collection. Take a sneak peak....

Shop Dixi Site // Instagram

Hope you guys enjoyed! Definitely check them out, y'all have seen them before but they're such a cool brand and their jewelry is to die for. And also won't turn your fingers green.



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    2. Thank you so much love <3 I literally could not care less about her ^ like you said, she has her own insecurities and something that she needs to take care of. I love my nose. Thanks again hunny, so proud to have a supporter like you <3

  2. beautiful pictures. How do you edit them??