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gentle things

IT's always nice coming home and having those familiar things-an actual bath, comfy sheets, bath bombs, open space, candles. Being in a dorm isn't ideal for anyone, but I truly can't explain how much I miss having my own little area to be free and bask in natural lighting and wood floors. My dorm is literally shoved in a corner so no light comes in-we face another tall building that blocks sunlight or rain or much of anything. Hence why it's so difficult to take pictures while in the city; I need to go out, find good lighting, find a space, etc. Being back home, in New Jersey, with my room, makes me feel comfy and miss the gentle things in life. Therefore I'm going to share with you my favorite little (and delicate/gentle) things.

 #1 Flowers

Of course flowers are so easy to get in NYC, but I feel like I can't fully appreciate them wilting away in a dorm room with no sunlight. Like I mentioned before, I did end up giving my mom the roses, but I miss the herbs and eucalyptus that I could put next to my bed and wake up to. It's just not the same environment. I can't wait for when I finally get an apartment and I can deck it out in too many plants, cacti, herbs, and flowers. It's going to be like a garden that everyone will be like what the fuck is this place but I'm going to love it.

#2 Baths

Obviously no one really has a bath in college, but I didn't realize how much I missed them until every time I come home it's the same pattern; unpack and bathe immediately. I love setting it up with candles and a good book and tea and just sitting there. Someday there will be a claw-footed bath tub waiting for me and I'll be able to climb in after a hard day's work :-)

#3 Writing

I keep a journal, and have kept a journal for 2 years now, as a place to write down my feelings with poems and small phrases. Ever since moving into a dorm, I haven't felt that inspired to write, in fears that my roommate would walk in at any moment and somehow see right through the binding exactly what I was writing. The things I write in my journal are so personal to me, it's literally my fear of my roommate somehow seeing that I don't really get to do it anymore. Plus, time moves so fast, I don't really find the excess moment to be able to crack open my journal and write freely.

#4 Walking around in bralettes

Again, for obvious reasons, I can't walk around just wearing a bralette and oversized tshirt. My new roommate and I are super close, but there's something freeing and comforting with being able to walk around almost naked in your room. I can't really do that with confidence now a days. I miss candles, too :"( I'm so happy to be home and prance around and listen to records and be able to dance in one of these. (white bralette - LAWITHLOVE. lavender bralette - tjmaxx). 

#5 Beauty Routine

I adore coming back home and being able to really talk care of my skin-do a nice facial, take a bath and do a scrub, moisturize until I'm an oil slick, etc. My new little brush is from Vanity Planet (70% off if you go to vpow.com/nycbambi and use code NYCBAMBI) and favorite lip moisturizer by Juice Beauty (perfume from Anthropologie).
I'm sorry if this post ended up being a "I miss this, I miss that" sort of thing but sometimes we have to vent our feelings in order to appreciate home and coming back to the routine that we took for granted. I love being home and being able to do these things, but I also love living in the city too. Sure I'm in a dorm right now, but even that has its perks, too.



  1. Love love love posts like these!! And I totally feel you about missing home. I moved to the city from California, I am so far away from my family and I am always missing those simple things.

  2. These are such amazing pictures<3 & I can definitely relate to this post..

  3. You are very adorable Kiki !! Thank you for de CODE.