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sabo skirt

On one of the coldest days of January, a new photographer friend and I set out to get coffee and then Central Park to photograph the cutest pieces from Sabo Skirt. I've pined over their clothes for ages; their brand is the perfect mix of luxurious summer yet trendy streetwear. To be able to photograph for these babes was an absolute pleasure! Though I wish I could've been taking pictures on a beach in their lace up shorts and tops, sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do and make bitter cold NYC work.

Hopefully you can't tell how cold I actually was while taking these!!!!

Details: Sabo Skirt | @saboskirt
White Lace Up Dress - Here
Grey Sweater Set - Top | Bottom
Ash Tie Top - Here
Salt Coat - Here

Thanks so much to cutie & beautiful lady @juliannamariee_ / Check out her work, she's absolutely amazing.

I'm so sorry for my lack of being active my loves :"( just wanted to tell you all that life is absolutely insane right now but I also have so many exciting things coming up so don't lose hope! I'm still getting back into the grind of school/work/blogging/etc. but stick with me! I will continue creating things, I promise. Love you guys so much and thanks for all your support <3



  1. so lovely!! where did you get those super cute thigh high lace up black boots from? <3