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feeling oh so parisian

Hello friends!! So I'm very excited about this post because it's featuring one of my favorite brands, and, since I haven't updated on here in a little bit (I wanted to focus more on Youtube/Fashion Week-ing) I decided to do a makeshift photoshoot in my apartment today. I was feeling very Parisian; fall is in the air, hair tied back in a loose pony, mini dress floating in the wind. I know that might sound a little too sensual, but this is how I truly felt today. I've felt so inspired lately (I think it's the weather finally changing) and my wardrobe is taking a turn toward the more European influenced...

Before I get too ahead of myself, this beautiful wrap dress is from Vida Moulin by Faithfull the brand. This little guy I will link here. Get 15% off by entering the coupon code 'NYCBAMBI' at checkout when you go to :-)

I wore a silk, blush-toned tank underneath (from H&M) with a gold necklace I made myself and skinny gold bracelet from & Other Stories. Since I was running around the city today for class I just wore with Converse, but ankle-strap heels would look sooooo nice with this dress. Also, I know we're on different platforms, but I will definitely be featuring this dress in my fall lookbook Youtube video (which should be up next week) so keep your eyes peeled for that! I will wear this dress until it is negative degrees outside, thank you very much (but seriously).


  1. This is an absolutely lovely dress! I also adore how you described the feeling you get when you wear it. Such a great post, and your style is flawless. <3


  2. I love this dress. Girl, you're making me miss Paris!

  3. Do you have a Spotify

    ~Anna <3

  4. Hey! Love this dress. Did you get it in a XS or S?