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packing for Boston

Hi guys! So I did say on Instagram that I'm going to Boston this weekend with Adam because I've yearned to see Boston in the fall (cough cough Beacon Hill) and visit my best friend from high school who goes to school there! This is the weekend we're finally going and I could not be more excited. So, whilst I was packing my suitcase, I decided why not photograph it a little and show you guys what I'm bringing along!

My mom got me this vintage suitcase from Goodwill last year! I am so in love with it--and it is perfect for a simple, 2-day trip, since these babies can't really hold much. I'm bringing 2 outfits with me (Saturday, Sunday) and just wearing a simple outfit for the train and car ride there which consists of Re/Done jeans and a flannel. I'm also bringing along my huge teddy-bear looking coat from Free People (which you'll see on my chair in the next couple of photos).

What I have packed: Free People scarf (orange), Ray Bans, Free People Lieutenant Hat, Brandy Melville plaid pants, Zara navy turtleneck. I am bringing along the Aesop bags because I recycle the little bags I get from stores for packing toiletries, makeup, and underwear, which is a really simple thing to do and it is so handy! Plus they look cute!

That Aesop bag will be my makeup bag for this weekend! It's great because of the material it can just fit in anywhere in my suitcase. Seriously one of my #1 tips for packing!

And that's really it! I have pajamas and I am packing my night stuff later (I'm bringing Mario Badescu along with me for this one) and of course I will be bringing my camera to photograph and video our trip! I am so excited! Stay tuned for a blogpost about Boston next week when I get back :")


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