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my weekend in Boston

  Hi guys! As you all probably know by now just because of my overload of pictures (as well as the blogpost named 'packing for Boston' on here)...I went to Boston this weekend with my man, Adam, to visit one of my high school best friend's and to scratch visiting Beacon Hill off my Autumn bucket list. But let me tell you, Boston is seriously way more than that. 

There was something just so beautifully nostalgic about it all, and different from the nostalgia you feel in New York City. It was thin sidewalks with cracked red bricks, tons of vintage bikes with brown and white details, tumbling red-and-yellow leaves against old brownstones. It was literally all my wishful vibes in a nutshell.

 First off, we ended up staying in an Airbnb for our trip! It had 4 floors, a library, wonderfully classic fireplace, an antique tub, and rustic wooden floors. Here is the link just in case you wanted to book a trip and needed a cheaper yet beautiful place to stay (but only if you are familiar with Airbnb/staying with other guests).

Now, let's get into the photos of Boston! This will basically be an overload of the photos I took and will be posting in the next months on Instagram because I can't seem to let go of the beauty. All these photos were taken in either Beacon Hill (where are those brownstones are), the North End, the Commons, or elsewhere that I wouldn't even know of if it wasn't for my best friend. If you want to know where a specific photo was taken, just comment below and I will try my best to tell you exactly where!

A beautiful coffee shop you must visit. It's really busy though so plan accordingly! 

I'm sorry he is just so handsome... 

And that is it! This whole trip just ended up making me feel so inspired and happy. Again, if you want any recommendations/specific places just let me know! Hope you guys enjoyed!


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