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the feline that is making waves in the art world

Christiane Spansberg, or known in my head as the feline that is making ultimate waves in the art world, is one inspiring woman. I was never a fan of art until I stumbled across her Instagram account (a true millennial story) and fell in love with not only her beautiful works but her way of life as well. Yes, art can be intimidating, but her signature drawings and paintings make one feel at ease and as if they can connect to it, because we can.

Again, I was never into art, but as I grow up and try to explore other forms of creativity outside of fashion, I got really into looking at art as a true form of inspiration. What I love the most about Ms. Spansberg's art is that it isn't overly complicated. I don't feel like I have to make an overly mature, long-worded statement about how I feel when I'm looking at it (which I think might be everyone's truest fear when asked about art.) It's beautiful, simple, and unique. It tells of couples enjoying kisses or the beauty behind a woman's form or different shapes and de constructed faces.

Christiane Spansberg resides in Copenhagen, and one of my favorite activities to do is to go onto her Instagram and admire her beautiful apartment and artwork that looks perfect against her neutral-focused furniture and mid-century modern vibes (both of which you know I am a sucker for.)

How much inspiration is too much inspiration? Between her art, the soft tones, the wood accents, candles, furs, and marble, I could spend all day admiring it. I am also so happy that she is having an exhibition this June for 3 days, starting June 15th. See more details here. And, of course, follow her stunning Instagram if you fell in love like I did. Also, this totally isn't promoted, I just truly wanted to share how much I love her and her art. It is an inspiration to me and I'm sure to many others, as she has been growing quite the following. Hopefully someday I will be able to purchase one of her pieces...but for now I will daydream and continue taping print-outs on my walls.  


I know this post was different but I really hope you enjoyed! Let me know what other underground artists you've been loving and also any music recommendations for my next post! I will be talking about what I've been listening to lately and music to check out according to a bar tender. Stay tuned!


  1. Legitimately thought this was about someone's cat creating artwork by walking across paper with paint 😂

    Love this artist! I've seen her work online before but wasn't aware she had an insta. Thanks ✌🏼

    1. Hahaha oh no! Maybe I should edit the title hahahaha!
      So glad you enjoyed ♥️

  2. loved this post! more of this!