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music to get you through a chill day

There is no better feeling than lounging about in a bralette and changing records on your record player; ignoring the sun that pores through your window and urges you out of bed...or the rain that patters against your window, justifying your laziness. Whatever the case may be, here are the tunes I've been listening to that have gotten me through some real uninspiring days in May.

The playlist...
Kill For Love by the Chromatics ↬ will have you questioning life on your bed 
The Chain by Fleetwood Mac ↬ will make you bob your head and want to strut down the street in chunky boots
Lips by the XX ↬ will instantly want to make you go to a club and dance in slow motion
Beyond Love by Beach House  ↬ listen to on the subway after a long day
Vacation by Florist  ↬ will get you thinking about childhood memories
Where The Hell Are My Friends by LANY  ↬ this cheesy jam will make you want to dance and feel slightly less alone
PPP by Beach House ↬ the perfect driving to the beach song when you're a little tired and nostalgic
Couch Surfer by Helfer ↬ for when you're feeling not really anything 
Somebody Else by the 1975 ↬ when you want to zone out in the back of a car and pretend you're in a music video

Or listen to the playlist here

And now, as promised, artists to listen to recommended by a trusted bar tender...
Mason Jennings for coffee shop feels
St. Vincent for retro, cool-girl vibes
Dirty Projectors for unique, upbeat tunes

And that's it! Also, I made a Spotify! I still don't really understand it and my username is embarrassing since I made it years ago, but follow me at 'moodyfox'. Comment what you've been listening to lately, would love to listen!


  1. Listened to lana del rey lust for life. Love that song

  2. Looove your playlist & that you made a spotify ;-) So here are some of my favourites, hope you like them too :-)
    Born Ruffians / Little Garcon
    Bon Iver / Wisconsin
    Noah & the Whale / The First Days of Spring
    Little Dragon / Sweet
    Coconut Records / Ask Her to Dance
    Wallows / Pleaser
    Santigold / I'm a Lady

  3. Can't wait to listen to all of these songs! Thank you for sharing that. I think you would love In Love With A Ghost, specifically "We've Never Met but Can We Have A Cup of Coffee or Something". I love chill music! Especially to sleep to or play on a relaxing day. Plus that name is just so cute, right?!

  4. Chill House - Lounge Chillout & Soft House. The perfect harmony from the roots of House music that we all love. Warm breezy & sunny melodies to simply Chill Your Mind chill house music

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