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may beauty round up

Flash series of my favorite makeup and skincare from this past month of May...
My skin has definitely been going through a rough patch this past month! I believe mostly because of hormones, so I've been trying to take extra care of my skin and the products I've been using. I have acquired some new items, but there are some old favorites as well...

I've been trying to get into using more of the Fresh Seaberry Cleansing Oil, since it removes makeup and just makes my skin feel so much cleaner (and softer, like it says on the bottle.) It was a bit pricy, so a goal is to definitely keep on using this product to see if I truly love it. I use it after doing my cleanser, which as of now is the Fresh Soy Cleanser, but I'm thinking about changing it because I feel as if it is making my skin worse...which is crazy because I know everyone loves the soy cleanser! Has anyone else tried it? If so, thoughts...just so I know it might be me and my skin. Anyway, I love Herbivore's Balance Spray, as well as my new favorite, the Aesop Makeup Remover. Both have become staples in my routine in removing my makeup and just making me feel refreshed!

Of course, where would I be without my candle collection? I know that candles can be so silly to spend money on, but I do have my reasons. It's weird because the candles I like, which are pricier, I like because they aren't overly strong. You guys know I used to love Bath & Body candles, but I realized they were giving me raging headaches.  I also love that I can re-use these jars. I love having this mini Diptyque Patchouli candle on before bed, or the ultra-mini Figuire. Both have such nice, light scents, but make my apartment smell like warmth, sweet sweet warmth. If I do want a bit of a heavier scent, I love Margiela's Jazz Club candle. It reminds me of Adam because Jazz Club is his scent. Pictured too, Diptyque's Eau Duelle perfume, which is also rich and a bit more masculine.

My desk's usual set up, with my perfume collection and the magazine I'm sure you're sick of me photographing! Hahaha
I did talk about Armani in my last post about makeup, but I am truly obsessed! My favorites are the foundation primer, the Maestro UV Makeup Primer, and the Armani Silk Foundation. Both just feel amazing on my skin, and doesn't feel like it's clogging my pores. 
Glossier's Generation G in Crush 

Now, going back to Replica's scent Jazz Club, I've just fell in love with it this month! Though it is more of a wintery scent, I love wearing it on date nights with red lipstick. It makes me feel so romantic. I also don't mind that Adam and I sometimes wear the same scent, again, we both love it, so why should one of us just wear it?!

 Lastly, because my skin has been whacko, I was looking for a nice face mask that would make my skin feel better and make the inflammation of zits moderate. With that said, I tried out Glossier's Mega Greens Galaxy Pack and definitely like it! Though I'm unsure whether I love it, it has been a great mask just to throw on during a decompressing night with tea just to feel better about myself. I want to give it a couple more uses until I fully decide if I love it. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Obviously my skincare obsession is not going away anytime soon. Let me know what you've been loving! More posts will be up this week! xo


  1. I ♡ your blogs and your photos.

  2. Hey there! So I tried out the Soy Face Cleanser too because everyone told me to try it. I love Fresh products so I was sure that I would love their Soy Facial Cleanser. My skin got really bad when I used it so I stopped and switched to all natural products. I realized that the fragrance in the Soy cleanser was irritating my skin. You should try out the Acure Organics sensitive face wash. It gets the job done without stripping your face. Let me know what you think! Also... I love your posts especially your apartment posts! Im currently trying to decide how to decorate my small apartment in New York and I am taking a lot of inspiration from your decorations. Thanks! :)

  3. Hi! Oh my goodness, maybe that's why my skin has been bad recently? I am not feeling it either. Thank you for the recommendation, I really appreciate it :') will definitely be getting some new skincare soon. And thank you aw that makes me so happy! I'll definitely be doing more home decor posts next week for sure! x

  4. Christie your blog is an absolute gem. You truly have a lovely piece of art in your hands. Thank you for sharing it with us!

    By the way, I'd love to see a post about your favourite clothing brands and homeware stores <3

    1. Aw thank you so much Tamara! Your comment literally made my day.
      And I would love to do something like that, putting it down in my 'blogpost ideas' journal now!!!! x

  5. I tried the fresh soy cleanser too a few months back and I didn't feel like it did much of anything for my skin. I couldn't stand the cucumber fragrance. I absolutely love purity by Philosophy. I like to try out different cleansers but I always go back to purity. It leaves my face feeling so clean and soft. Also, it's pretty affordable for a high-end cleanser. - Rebecca