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getting glamorous with diamonds

There's something so glamorous about putting on lipstick wearing diamonds. It automatically makes me think of my mom, getting ready for date night with my dad, putting on makeup in her mirror while her jewelry reflected and shimmered as she moved. In this series I wanted to capture that timelessness, which was easy to do with beautiful De Beers Diamonds. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, after all...

De Beers, to me, is not a normal diamond and jewelry company. They are classic yet fresh, sophisticated yet approachable, making them the perfect go-to brand for holiday gifts or if treating yourself to a little something. They are truly masters of jewelry artistry, and I got hooked on their Talisman collection, which features diamonds in their purest form, each piece unique from the last. That means that your necklace can be totally different from your friend's, making it one of a kind. So romantic, timeless, and exclusive. 

Of course, their diamonds are one of a kind, too. They literally shine in any light and are bound to catch attention and garner multiple compliments (trust me). I am so lucky to have gotten ready draped in gorgeous diamonds, like my mom did during my childhood.

I could talk forever about De Beers, but you should really check them out for yourself, especially with the holiday season in full swing. They would make the perfect, most heartfelt gift. Hint, hint, Adam ;-) 

Pieces worn in this post...

*This post was in collaboration with De Beers


  1. You look so gorgeous!! I love these photos.

  2. Love your new bangs!xx

  3. Such beautiful photos, I love them!!


  4. Hi Christie,

    My partner and I are talking about marriage and he has been asking me about what engagements I like. I know right now I'm a princess cut kind of girl. Now, I'm worried because I've always pictured myself with a silver ring, but I'm really more of a gold-tone girl. Do you think it would un-chic to mix those metals? I've also looked at gold band rings, but something about them says "outdated" to me. Am I wrong? Am I too closed minded about mixing metals or do you think gold all the way?

    1. Hello!

      I totally understand your ordeal, not that I'm getting married anytime soon, but I too am so confused about what engagement ring I picture myself with. I'm also more of a gold girl, and I totally understand that usual gold rings can look outdated. But, honestly, I really love the look of mixing metals! It will also make your engagement ring stand out a little bit more, which is nice. I think whatever ring you fall in love with, no matter the color, you should go with. Don't be concerned about mixing metals or if some people might think gold is 'outdated', if you love it, do it! It is really all about you and what you love. Sorry if this didn't help, but I just think that you should make a decision on what YOU truly love :)

    2. Thanks Christie :) That did really help!

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