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how to pull off layers without looking like a puff ball

As if winter isn't dreadful enough, looking like a giant puff ball due to tons of layering is another reason why it can be an annoying season. Here are some tips on how to chic while staying warm. 


Doing a button up, with a knit, along with a trench (and especially if they are all the same tones) is an amazing way to add dimension to an outfit without it looking like one giant look. It is texturally pleasing to the eye, and all of these layers will help keep you warm, too. This trench, by my favorites Nanushka, has a wonderful, simple, yet classic quality. The beautiful tortoise-shell like buttons, buckle tie, and hood also makes it different from your normal trench coat. You can bundle up and be cozy in it, whilst remaining stylish. 


 When you have a silk puffer jacket to keep you warm, winter is a piece of cake. This is by far the best puffer I've found yet--it's so soft, warm, yet chic. Paired with a turtleneck, pants, and boots, or (more daring) a sweater and Levi's, you will own winter. Puffer jackets are also a trend now, so stock up and look fashionable while doing it. Thank God we've actually found a trend that will keep us warm this season. 

Other tips not pictured...
  • Wear leggings under your pants (seriously, this helps so much, and you can barely tell) 
  •  Wear long sleeves under your sweaters
  • Hats n' scarves are always a good idea
  • Wear two pairs of socks 
  • Use 2 jackets!! Another amazing way to be stylish but also warm

I know these tips might seem basic, but it's amazing what a little technique can do when dressing for winter. Layers are key, especially if you live in an unbelievably cold place like I do. And to you LA folks...well...I'm extremely jealous.

Photographed by Gabi ♥️


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