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fashion and architecture

One of my favorite fashion looks photographed in front of the stunning architecture of the New York public library.
As a person obsessed with everything European, I am constantly searching New York City streets for settings that look classic and historical. Soho is one of my favorite places to photograph in because of the amazing cream-and-brown colored apartments with beautiful fire escapes, but often, photographing in the same place can get old. I was walking around with Adam and I suddenly saw the public library with new eyes. It had those stone steps, fountain, and grand architecture that I have been craving in my photos ever since I came back from Italy. The way the sunlight bounced off of the stone was magical. I took one look, at a building we pass constantly, and knew I had to be there for my next shoot. Without further ado, here are the photos.

Don't be surprised if you see this location reoccur from time to time, as I fell in deep love with it and am still not over it. Sometimes, it is the things you see (or pass by) the most are taken for granted. All it takes is seeing things in a different light to open you up to new inspiration.


  1. I love the New York public library. Even though I’ve been to the city hundreds of time I had never gone inside. Last time I was there I finally decided to check it out and the architecture is amazing! I don’t understand how anyone could get any reading done in there when there is so much to look at floor to ceiling...
    Also great outfit hehe✨

  2. I love libraries, they can be so pretty! In my hometown we have a Carnegie library and it's stone and beautiful and has so much history behind it! Also, I love this look! I go crazy over anything that looks well tailored haha


    Sarah Grace xoxo

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