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Hi loves. So I just got back from work today and between being sick and what not I'm really feeling quite tired, and though I'm exhausted I thought why not do a little cozy post featuring what I usually wear when I have down time (since you guys never really get to see that) and my sort of process to unwind. I've always wanted to do an elaborated post like this (and I have before, my de-stress post, found here) but let's just take a tiny moment to see how I'm doing it tonight.

Wearing: Favorite Free People cardigan, Urban bralette, random gray leggings, cozy socks from Rob Kardashian's line (super random-I got them when my feet were killing me in NYC so we went to the Dash store…I do not regret anything)

Tonight I'm going to brew up some green tea, answer messages/emails, and really just be comfy with no cares in the world. I also need to get better because this weekend I plan on doing tons of shenanigans. I need to get it together.

How to de-stress weekday night style: make some tea. Blog. Watch a great movie. Get in a cardigan. Relax. Do some yoga. Eat dessert. Watch reality TV shows. Take off your makeup. Smile. Listen to music. Feel happy. Be happy.

I know this was short, but some little tips to hopefully let you unwind tonight. Love you guys so much!


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