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an updated skincare routine

Hi ! How is everybody doing? It's been a hectic previous week and I've come down with a cold, and as I said in yesterday's Instagram, there is nothing better than being sick because you get to relax and really take care of yourself. I've been really into skincare lately--I truly don't know what has come over me. I've just become addicted to saving up my money for higher-priced skincare & beauty items and then splurging when I finally feel like I'm comfortable (money and mentally wise). Which is why I've made some changes to my usual beauty routine and instead have welcomed new brands into my collection. Of course I will still be keeping the old, but I wanted to do a little review on the new products that I've been using recently!


 I've decided to do the biggest category first...skincare. I've been loving brands like Kiehls, Aesop, and of course Mario Badescu. I first tried Kiehls' eye cream just on a whim because I felt like I needed something to help with my terribly puffy/dark under eyes and fell in LOVE. Seriously, I've never seen a product work so well before. That's why I decided okay...if I liked that product so much, why don't I try out the rest of their products.

I start off my routine by using a makeup wipe (I'm using Burts Bees makeup wipes at the moment) just to clear off as much surface makeup as I can. Then, I use the Kiehls deep cleansing face wash to really get into my pores and clean out all the leftover dirt and oil that has literally been on my skin all day walking in New York City streets. The cleanser foams up (which I love cause if it's not working it's still convincing me otherwise) and then I wash it all off with warm water. Next, I take off my eye makeup with baby oil (this has been my method for literally 5 years since I started using mascara) and then I tone with the matching Kiehls herbal-extract toner. Both of these products also have flowers in them...I was drooling.

Then I love to use the Aesop face moisturizer along with the Kiehls avocado eye cream to feel good and give nutrients back to my skin. I got that baby Kiehls moisturizer for free when I purchased my cleanser and toner, so I've been using that on my face when I get out of the shower just as a secondary moisturizer. Lastly, right before bed, I love using Aesop's roseseed lip moisturizer. It makes me go to bed feeling all kissable and soft. The Mario Badescu products I still love to use include the rose face mist (you guys have heard me talk about that tons) and the zit liquid...yanno...the mini pink bottle where you dab a Q-tip and apply it to your zit and then it's gone the next day. So that is everything I do with my skin! Now let's move on to smellin' good.


My favorite fragrances lately have been Le Labo's Santal 33 & Vanille, Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, and most recently Replica perfumes by Margiela. You guys have heard me talk a lot about Le Labo (and probably Chanel) so I really wanted to dive into Replica perfumes. I just got a set of 3 to try because I didn't know if I wanted to splurge on a big bottle just yet, but seriously I am in love and cannot wait to save up a bottle of By the Fireplace. It is seriously so good. It smells a little smokey, a little sweet, and very nostalgic (aka 'replicating' a point in time). I love the packaging, the scents, as well as the little story behind each and every one of the perfumes.


This is probably the first time in my life where I've actually bought haircare products. I would always wash my hair (every other day), let it air-dry, and that's it. No product, no nothing. And honestly I'd still like to keep it that way, but I do want to start paying attention to giving my hair the nutrients it needs, especially since it's long now and I don't want to have it cut anytime soon (don't yell at me). 

I've heard so many great things about Ouai hair products that I decided to give their oil and dry shampoo a try. I'm in love with both. The oil is so rich (you really don't need a lot), smells great, and seriously feels like a beautiful treatment for your ends every time you apply it. It makes your hair shiny and just lovely. The dry shampoo gets the job done and also smells amazing, almost like a perfume. The only item I haven't tried in this whole blogpost is the Kiehls hair mask, so I can't wait to actually use it on a Sunday and see how I feel about it. I will let you know when I do!


So that is all :') if you want a link to any of these products just comment below. Also, though this might have sounded like it, this was not sponsored at all. I genuinely love these products and just wanted to share :-) if you have any recommendations, please share away!



  1. I really need a proper routine! Great post xx

    Room Tour and Autumn Decor Ideas.

  2. I really need a proper routine! Great post xx

    Room Tour and Autumn Decor Ideas.

  3. Wonderful products! Skin and hair care is so important, so it's understandable that you want to get what you pay for. <3