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favorite candle roundup

Obviously I really love my candles, no matter what time of the year. Here are some of my ultimate favorite brands and scents, ranging from masculine and woody to light and rosy.

BYREDO BURNING ROSE -- $35 for mini

I recently purchased this Byredo scent because I have never had a fragrance from them before, and wanted to try out some aromas before I dumped all my money on a full size. Well, that might happen soon because I truly fell in love with their Burning Rose scent. In case you have visited the Glossier showroom, this is the scent they have burning on a table right when you walk in. It is not a rich, overly grandma scent at all; it is fresh, light, rosy, and a bit burnt. Because the websites probably describe them better than I do, think dark, unique, and romantic. 

Since I just did a post about the Beach Walk line, I won't talk too much about this scent. Again, it is on the lighter side, and smells richly of summer. Think bergamot, lemon, pink pepper, and ylang ylang, all used to 'evoke hints of sun-kissed salty skin and ocean spray'. It is a very summery scent indeed. 

This is definitely one of my ultimate favorites -- it's figgy, earthy, a little rich, but not overly-bearing (like your future boyfriend) (hahaha totally kidding). But seriously, it is a great scent to leave burning in your room and you won't be afraid that you'll get a headache. It is also another great summer scent, in my opinion. 

If you're a lover of Santal from Le Labo yet don't want to splurge on a candle for more than $40, not to fear, this scent smells exactly like it and for half the price. According to their site, 'this scent is a sandalwood fragrance with a dominant cedar wood & sandalwood accord supplemented by a spicy cinnamon nutmeg complex with an earthy vetiver note." I'll give you a minute to decode and absorb that because I don't even know what I just copy and pasted.

Obviously I have a deep love for Maison Margiela candles since it is another one of their fragrances that made this list! This is the masculine and woody scent I was talking about in the intro--it is meant to replicate the smell of the cozy atmosphere of a private club. With notes of rum, tobacco, vanilla bean, and java vetiver oil, it will make you want to snuggle up with your man and have a fancy cocktail or two. 

I hope you liked this list and let me know if you want me to do more of these! And if you want to talk candles please feel free to comment below...I am always scouting for even more scents to add to my collection (addicted). 



  1. Such a lovely candle collection!



  2. Kiki! Have you tried any Diptyque before? I'm obsessed with Mimosa and Noisetier xx

  3. I'm loving Piece by Paz candles lately, they are sustainable, smell amazing, and are only $30! If you like the masculine scents—like me!— you'd love Bad Habit or Old Money. It just smells like wealth, haha!

    Check them out: http://andthenwetried.com/2017/08/finishing-space-scent-partnership-piece-paz-candles/

    1. They look amazing, thanks so much for the rec!!! xx

  4. lively blog.i like your candle collection.