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les femmes: say salut to this gorgeous slow fashion-focused brand

Slow fashion is something that, thank god, is getting more and more popular the more I browse around the interwebs...which got me thinking...I need to stop my fast-fashion trips where I buy an item, wear it once, and then forget about it. Les Femmes has come to the rescue.

Again, fast fashion is not only harming our wardrobes, but the planet as a whole. Think about how much waste there is because we buy something to wear for a specific occasion only to toss it out a couple months later. This made me stand in front of my own closet and tell myself that this needs to stop. Cue this brand that made me wake up and realize slow fashion is the future.

Les Femmes is the perfect, French-girl brand, that is all about the Slow Fashion Revolution. They are an online shop that specializes in curated brands and products that stand behind their sustainable message and style. These brands are eco-friendly and super beautiful. And just listen to their amazing message:

We are here for the women that are already on the search for beautiful slow fashion. We are here to enlighten and inform the women that aren't (yet). We are here for everyone in between. Eco-consciousness and style are not mutually exclusive concepts, and it's time to start giving a damn.

Hell yeah.

This outfit has been my go-to for lazying around on the beach or walking around NYC on an extremely hot day, which we have been getting a lot of recently. It's comfortable, trendy, and can you guys tell I am utterly obsessed with that Birkin basket?Shop the Ali Golden Linen Shorts

And now, to take a moment to look at how many times I have styled this basket with literally everything...

I have been going through my closet and slowly cleansing through...which is a process but it makes me feel so good. I am also happy to say that I haven't shopped the huge Zara sale going on right now. That is definitely a personal accomplishment (hahaha).

Tips to adopting slow fashion...
  • Do a clear-out of your wardrobe and only keep the essentials, donate the rest!
  • Try investing in key pieces, rather than a bunch of flimsy, fast-fashiony ones 
  • Do your research! There are tons of slow-fashion focused brands (cough cough, Les Femmes) but seriously, there are tons of lists out there on the interwebs. Like this article
  • Think before you buy. Instead of saying screw it and buying that top at Zara, actually think...are you going to get a lot of use out of that? 

Since it is a process and sometimes I just want to pick up a trendy pair of shoes, please don't bash me if you do see a purchase from a fast-fashion store every now and then. I'm seriously going to try not to, but changing my closet to be more sustainable will not be a short happening. But this is going to be one of my major goals for this year, just to feel better, make a difference, and to create a wardrobe that I feel proud about. Because slow fashion is usually more on the expensive side, I am going to try to save up for a beautiful, sustainable piece that will last me a life time rather than spend my money on a bunch of cheap, fast-fashion items. Wish me luck and I'm wishing you the same :') And, of course, check out Les Femmes because they are seriously one of my favorite brands and I am so glad that they have opened my eyes to embracing slow fashion.

Get 10% off your entire order when you use the code NYCBAMBI, woo!!!

Shop Les Femmes here & follow their Instagram


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