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cle cosmetics: a fresh take on natural beauty

I am definitely one for looking natural rather than overdone with my makeup--not even because it's trendy right now, but because it makes my skin feel so much better and lighter. I even feel more confident, strangely. When I was introduced to Cle Cosmetics via Instagram, I immediately fell in love with their simple esthetic and their products which are clean and full of natural ingredients. Can it get any better?

Cle is all about minimalism, simplicity, and cleanliness. As their story states, 'Cle is not a brand, it is an esthetic, an embodiment of the minimalist woman. A moment within daily rituals, where the sensation touch is practiced. Femininity in the most subtlest form. The purest action of beauty, of self care." 

I love that they acknowledge that the time where we put on our makeup or wash it off, is the time where we are having a little intimate moment with ourselves, even if we don't realize it. We are taking care of our skin, our bodies. Or we are applying makeup because we want to, not for anyone else. I know that my favorite time of the day for me is when I can cleanse my skin and let it breathe from the stress of the day. It makes me feel fresh and that I am doing an act that my skin is thanking me for. 

First up, I want to introduce Cle's melting lip powder, because I became addicted in seconds. And because makeup first, skincare second.

The first shade I tried was hot choco, a beautifully warm brown tone. I love how it matched my hair and made my lips pop. This I could picture wearing in autumn, with a navy coat and drinking coffee fireside. Or even to match the sunset on a beach somewhere. Dreams.

The next shade was red cherry...think blotting cherry juice on your lips and voila, instantly kissable and smooth lips. What is amazing about these melting lip powders is it comes out, indeed, like a powder, but instantly becomes smoothing and luxurious once applied to your lips. It's so easy to apply and just...melts.

And the last shade I tried was a stunning orang-y color, ultra summer. That's exactly what it reminded me of; wearing a gold slinky dress while drinking champagne on a summery night. Though the color looks vibrant in the packaging, the powder helps soften it and melt it into your lips for a peachy, orange tinge. It is probably my favorite out of the bunch, though I do love them all dearly.

The CCC cream is a mix between BB cream and CC cream, and is meant to not only fix discoloration, but also moisturize and protect you from the sun (SPF 50, YES). It comes out in a cream and at first you're like what?? but then once rubbed around and mixed, it transforms into a beautiful shade of light-weight BB cream. It melts perfectly onto your skin and gives a natural, fresh glow. 

I have been using the Oxygen Foam cleanser every day in the morning and it makes me feel amazing. It comes out in a gel consistency, and then turns to foam once water is added. You can also use it at night to take off your makeup (I just like to get any excess grime off in the morning) and just as an overall cleanser that you will get addicted to quite quickly, along with the lip melts.

Cle is also vegan and cruelty free! Seriously could not get any better. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post, as always I love talking about makeup and skincare! Let me know if there are any specific topics you'd like me to cover next.


  1. I love the lip colors! The dress is perfect, too.


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  3. What shade of the CCC Cream do you use?

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