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'in a crowded place': the art preview

About a month ago, I wrote about the 'feline making waves in the art world', aka Copenhagen-based artist, Christiane Spansberg. And, just a couple weeks later, I got to attend her exclusive preview in Soho. The excitement was very real.
The preview, "In A Crowded Place", was centered around one theme that I'm sure many of us can connect to--feeling alone even though there might be tons of people around you. I know this is a feeling I'm extremely familiar with just because of living in such a bustling city and being on a subway by myself most of the time. It is a lonesome feeling, but can sometimes be strangely comforting. All of these people we encounter everyday and we don't even realize we are a part of each other's stories. The artwork was stunning, and portrayed the many different faces Christiane picked out 'in a crowd'. I sipped some wine and day dreamed about having one of these pieces in my living room one day. Since the show is all sold out, a girl can dream.
Christiane was the sweetest person ever; we did get a picture together, but I think that would be embarrassing for both parties involved (aka just me, because she looked gorgeous but I sort of looked like a wreck). New York City heat, okay?! 


The preview was lovely and thank you to Christiane for inviting me, it was seriously beautiful. As always you can visit Christiane's website here for more updates and info. I really hope you enjoyed this post!

Basket bag is from Les Femmes--will be talking about them on here soon! 


  1. Art is something which not everyone can understand, this looks good and interesting. Thank you for sharing this post and keep posting more such posts

  2. Christiane Spansberg drawings are wonderful!
    Alina - https://www.dreamingof.net