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can we bring back vests?

While on a casual trip to Banana Republic with my mom, as one does, I saw this vest in the sale and my mind instantly flooded with weird ideas. How cool would this vest look in the fall, over a sweater? Or, even better, just worn by itself in the summer? I know it's definitely strange, but I wanted to test the look out...
Honestly, I felt weirdly comfortable wearing it. I looked like a professional who doesn't really know how to dress professional, but that was the beauty of it. And, even though it was a hot day, I felt totally at ease. Paired with matching trousers and cat-eye sunnies, I felt like it was a look that sort of stood out amongst the masses of floral, linen dresses and playsuits. Not that I don't love those, but I was craving something different.

And the mules and jewelry added a feminine vibe to it, which was cool to add. I know all might not agree, but I really loved this look, and I truly can't wait to style some more vests for Autumn. As I usually do, though I love summer and being able to wear dresses, there's always a part of me that loves fall. It's always in the back of my mind...begging to come out...How else would you style a vest? Is it too cring-y to think about? Would love to hear some ideas.Also, thank you to my beautiful friend Nina for photographing this for me! x  
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