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skincare update

Per usual, I love doing a little skincare update every month or so because, as you guys know, I am always changing up and switching out products and seeing where my skin is headed. I feel like this is the month I've taken skincare even more seriously, because during my time of the month I was breaking out like no other...

I know it's normal, but my skin was seriously just bad. I get those zits that are unbelievably painful, don't go away for weeks, and scar on top of it all. I have been thinking about getting more Aesop products for a while now and investing in a foaming cleanser, and that is exactly what I did. My skin literally feels brand new.
*this is not sponsored by Aesop at all, I wish hahaha! 

When I went into the Aesop on West Broadway, I had a mission; to get a cleanser that would foam, that would be great for oily skin, and that would stop my breakouts. The super nice sales associate recommended the Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser and demo'd it on my hand, and I fell in love. I apply a nickel-sized amount onto my face, rubbing it all over, let it sit, and then wash it off with warm water. Once water is applied, it foams and lathers in the best way. I feel so pure and clean after I use it, and my skin is seriously looking amazing because of this product, I swear. I know it is definitely a big purchase, especially if you got the big size like I did, but because I only use so little every time I feel like it will last me and the results are truly worth it. 

The next mission I had was to get a toner that I could apply after my cleanser. I wanted something that could finish the job up and again, just mitigate the breakouts that were happening everywhere on my face. This toner freshens me up--I use it on a cotton ball after my facial cleanser and just gently pat and rub my face. I loooove it and it smells so natural. It is also alcohol-free and has green tea extract! 

I'm not quite sure how much of an effect this product is having on my skin, but I love using this mist once I get out of the shower. Again, it might just be the Aesop products working their magic, but I love this mist and I feel like it has helped with overall balancing my skin's complexion and hormonal difficulties. 

You guys have seen this one before, but I've fallen back in love with it recently. I've been having dry skin, which is weird for me, so I slather this on my face and neck morning and night and it makes me feel reborn. Seriously. I learned, I'm sure from Into The Gloss or a Youtube video, that it's really great to moisturize your neck and my neck feels AMAZING. We are talking about smooth necks over here, okay?

Lastly, just some other products I've been using and loving (new & old)...

Also, since this is a skincare post, I figured I would plug this because it's really something great happening right now--Glossier is doing 20% off your first order with free shipping when you buy 2 or more products! Usually you only get free shipping over $30, so I would HOP ON THIS!

I really hope you found this helpful/interesting! Let me know what products you've been loving. Summer is tricky skincare-wise, so I'm always looking for any other possibilities. And, of course, let me know what other posts you'd like to see from me!


  1. Your skincare sounds really good. I'll have to try these products out.

  2. I like your routine! I've been looking for new eye cream and moisturizer for a while, I'll have to try these! Thanks! Xx -@theemmaburgess

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