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scents of the summer

A list of my favorite fragrances for summer--from smelling like sunscreen to a field of flowers. 

1. Beach Walk -- Honestly, you cannot get more summery than this scent. I first fell in love with it last summer when I went on a trip with Margiela, and now it reminds me of such an amazing time; times of sun, water, and horseback riding. This fragrance has the subtlest scent of sunscreen and salt and sweetness, making you smell like a sun-kissed goddess who just got back from her sunset sail. 2. Jo Malone Wild Bluebell -- I got this for my birthday last summer, which is why it is another scent that holds amazing memories of June for me. It is light and smells like fresh flowers, natural and delicate, with hints of lily. Cue just getting back from a walk in a flower field in England, wearing a straw sunhat and summer dress.
3. Le Labo Santal 33 -- This is an all-around scent for me, but it is very appropriate in the summer due to it's natural, Earth-like musk. Santal is quite hard to describe, but I'm sure you have smelled it on someone in a coffee shop or at a bar. It is described on their site as 'the warm desert wind' and a 'wood fire' at night with hints of leather and musk. This reminds me of a road trip through the desert in an old vintage car with tan skin. 4. Diptyque Eau Duelle -- Eau Duelle is the thickest of the scents and is borderline fall/winter, but I rediscovered it in one of my drawers and have re-fallen in love with it. It is a deep vanilla scent, mixed with berries, black ceylon tea, pink peppercorn, and more. This would be the perfect summer scent for a rooftop party, one in which you wouldn't mind seducing someone (hehe). 5. Le Labo Another 13 -- This scent is the hardest one to describe because it is so light. This is another scent, like the Santal Le Labo, that melts into your skin to mix with your natural aroma. It does not give much away on their site either, describing Another 13 as a 'hypnotic and unique fragrance'.  This reminds me of folding laundry in the garden and reading on a summer afternoon.SHOP THESE SUMMER SCENTS...


  1. Love this, big fan of Jo Malone!


  2. Gorgeous post!


  3. I've always wanted to try Le Labo fragrances... I just live the packaging and the scents look so fresh !


  4. All these scents are so amazing. Jo Malone Wild Bluebell is my favorite and i I am using it since many years. Thanks for sharing your collections. Now it's time to avail Logo Design usa for more information.