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the winter skincare edit

The best products for avoiding chapped lips, dry skin, and static-y hair. Oh the perks of winter. 

Getting a winter skincare routine down can be torturous. Your skin is already breaking out because of the change in temperatures, and to top it all off you are now dry in all the wrong places. Your lips most likely feel like sand paper and your hands could be falling off at any moment. When I came back from Jamaica, my skin was literally having a midlife crisis, which urged me to look at my medicine cabinet and add some products that will help during these frigid winter months. A la, the winter skincare routine. 

First product that I decided will actually last me through winter and not just summer is the Aesop Parsley Seed Cleanser. I feel like I've talked about this product way too much, but it is just SO. GOOD. I stopped using it in Jamaica because it was too big for my carryon (struggles) and my skin was not happy with me. I will continue using this cleanser into the winter because it's amazing. That is my explanation. 

Another Aesop product amazing for winter is the Resurrection Hand Wash, biggest reason because it won't dry your hands out while washing them. I'm constantly washing my hands and doing dishes, so this hand soap is the reason I think that my hands are still soft. It is a true miracle. I also use the Le Labo Hand Pomade as my frequent cream to put on afterwards. I love putting it on before bed, along with their Lip Balm, to super-hydrate as I sleep. You will wake up feeling like a new woman, ready to conquer the freezing cold.   

Now, of course, perhaps the most important during winter--a face moisturizer. I fell in absolute love with this Herbivore Pink Cloud cream and it is an absolute dream. I apply it ever morning and it leaves my skin unbelievably soft and hydrated, since it includes good stuff like rosewater and white tea extract. Out of all the products I have mentioned, this moisturizer could be my number 1 recommendation if you are having troubles with your winter skincare. The Verso Night Cream with retinol 8 is also wonderful. It is hydration and anti-aging's best. 

Oils are also extremely important in winter, as I feel like it adds extra bounce and glow to your skin. My favorite and the best oil, in my opinion, is Rodin's luxury face oil. It smells like flowers and will make you feel very glamorous when you fall asleep in it. Another genius winter savior with amazing packaging is Ouai's Anti-Frizz hair sheets. They work wonders when you swipe it through your hair after putting on a static-ball of a sweater, since we've all been there. 
I don't want to make this too long so that's about it! Other things I recommend are eye creams and rejuvenating face masks. Winter is extremely tough, so on a snow day I urge you to go through your creams and oils and pinpoint which you think will be the best for your skin during cold weather. Trust me, your skin will thank you :) 


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