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tiny tips on how to feel confident

Hi guys! I've always wanted to do a post about being happy, healthy, and confident, because I know how terrible it feels when we get into our glum days or how easy it is to feel insecure in this ever changing, pressured world. In the future I definitely want to do an elaborated post or even a video talking about being confident, but today I just wanted to put together some little things you can do that can help improve your mood and view on yourself ♡

don't be so hard on yourself

When you say negative things about yourself, whether it be aloud or in your own head, your mind, as well as your esteem, is getting beaten by harsh words and it can take its toll. Try, everyday, to stop those thoughts. Instead, replace it with something like "I am okay. I am beautiful. I can do this." I know it sounds unbelievably cheesy, but you have no idea the impact that this can have once you try doing it yourself. In saying negative things, the only person you are hurting is yourself. Stop those words, stop being negative, and open up to positivity and kind thoughts. Not only will you start being positive about yourself and start feeling great about yourself, but your attitude towards life will change for the better as well. 

don't compare

We're all surrounded by books, magazines, and tons of social media that influence the way we see ourselves. Make sure that you don't compare yourself to all the commercials, the ads, the photos that you see every day. It is important to know the difference between something/someone who inspires you and something/someone that has a negative effect on your self confidence. If there's an Instagram account of a person that you find yourself comparing every little thing about him/her to your life, unfollow. It is only having a negative impact, especially if you're not getting any real inspiration from the account. I used to follow a lot of models, until I realized...seeing their beautiful selfies every day made me feel so much less than. I unfollowed, and that's okay! Just know that on social media, there is always more and lives don't look as 'perfect' as they seem, ever. There is nothing wrong with not following someone because of jealousy or if they are having that strong, negative impact. Surround yourself with people, magazines, books that inspire you to improve yourself and who give you motivation!

take care of your body, your soul, and your mind

It is really important that you take time for yourself and treat your body the way it is meant to be treated. Drink water, eat veggies, take a bath and do a facial every once and a while, have some tea. You're probably wondering...well how would things like this improve my self confidence? Because it will make you feel purely good. Once you feel good on the inside, your outside will shine with benefits as well. I love my little pampering nights because not only does it give my mind a sense of peace, but I just feel really great and even 'pretty' the next day. It just truly can enhance your mood. It is almost like if you were to go to bed at 3am versus 10pm. If you were to go to bed really late, you'll feel sluggish and just want to throw on sweatpants in the morning. But if you get those extra hours of sleep, you'll feel great and ready to go the next day! Taking care of the body, mind, and soul will just help you feel happy, healthy, and confident. tell yourself you are beautiful, until you believe it (because you are)
Another amazing tip for self-confidence that I found to be so helpful: fake it until you make it. I know, again, this sounds like huh?? But the fact of the matter is, if you truly start telling yourself you are beautiful, you can do anything you want, the future is endless...your mind will believe it. And soon enough, you're really start feeling this way. Self-confidence is no easy thing...it took me YEARS and years to finally feel good in my own skin. It is hard, it is trial and error, it might take some tears...but it is all about changing your perceptions and opening up your mind to happiness, positivity, and light. Again, I know I sound like a yogi, but it really is true. Take pictures of yourself, write down your features and details you love, accept your flaws (because literally everyone in the world has them). Accept and love accept and love.-I really hope you found this helpful in some way. I just really want to do a post like this because so many people send me questions about self-confidence, and the things they say about themselves just makes me really sad. Please love yourself, please treasure yourself, there is no one out there like you. Remember, you are beautiful and were put in this world for a reason. Xoxo,Christie 


  1. you have no idea how much this helps thank you this makes me want to practice these tips right now

  2. Thank you for writing this! After this harsh week that I had I needed to read some nice words. Your post reminded me to keep a positive outlook on life and I even shared with a friend who was in need of this post too ♡
    Have a nice day x

  3. Thank you a lot. I had a really harsh week this week. And it felt like there's no reason I was put in this world. I don't know the cause that I've thought I'm nothing. I usually suffer from that kind of thoughts maybe once or twice a month. I tried to keep me positive and read something helpful about self-confidence. But whenever I get to think that way, I can't help myself.
    I'm surprised that it took you years because I thought that I would be the only one who suffers from those things and as you said, it feels like everyone except me lives happily and perfectly. So I got glad and I just want to tell myself 'you're beautiful' until I believe it because I am! Thank you for all your advice.

    1. Aw I'm so sorry you had a harsh week this week and you have those negative thoughts :"( trust me, I really do know how it feels. I am so happy though that you are trying to keep positive and work on it, I promise you can do it! I love you and never hesitate in reaching out if you need help. You are beautiful, best believe it! xx